Did you see how happy people were to be called “frontline workers?”

Let us continue to honor the grocery store workers, the workers at Home Depot and Walmart and etc etc, by tipping them when they e.g. walk us to an item and explain which thingamagig we should buy and how to install it-when they work while the rest of us hide at home-when they serve us coffee etc etc. Let us tip those who fill our car with gas when it is raining etc etc. Don’t forget the people who pick up our garbage .

Are they not deserving of better pay all year round ?

Of course they are.

How can we-the not so famous and not so important- do something about inequality that by passes the inane and endless arguments of the right , the left and the center? Is there a way to do something important by ourselves ?

Yes there is.

Many of the frontline workers work in jobs where they interact with a lot of people. That is the key. If we all stretch little ( ($5 ) it will be a great increase for those who serve us so well day after day after day.

If you among those who have been hit hard and are in need of help yourself, then skip this day or week or year.

If you are someone who is doing OK then join the effort to recognize that we are all frontline workers.

Once a week give a tip to a frontline worker. If you are flush then leave a $5 tip everyday.

Don’t forget:

It is a good thing to help others when you are on top.

You never know who you will meet on the way down.

Dr.George Zilbergeld




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George Zilbergeld

George Zilbergeld

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